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      Rick Woods, Sales Manager
      [email protected]

      Our currently available statewide contracts allow any municipality to purchase without a formal bid process
      Thanks to the statewide piggyback clause!

      Current contracts include:

      Statewide eligible Onondaga County (108SD, 114SD, M2 106, M2 112)

      Statewide eligible Oneida County (108SD, 114SD, 122SD)

      NYSOGS MINI Bid (Good for ANY Freightliner model)
      Contract # PC67276SB       NYS Vendor ID 1100021362

      You have many financing & lease options with us and Daimler Truck Financial

      Competitive rates on a standard purchase loan

      Or consider a tax exempt municipal financing contract
      This allows you to still hold the title to your equipment while being treated as lease payments rather than debt.

      Daimler Truck Financial Municipality Brochure